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How to Increase the Travel Range of your Mobility Scooter


A mobility scooter offers freedom and independence but just like many other modes of transport, they have certain limitations when it comes to how long they run for. In the same way as a car that relies on petrol or diesel, a mobility scooter relies on a battery and so, it will have a maximum range  that it can travel before the battery needs recharging.


There are some mobility scooters that have an excellent range such as the One Rehab Liberator which has a range of 25 miles or the Kymco Maxi XLS that can last for an impressive 35 miles.


While the range of both of these scooters are mightily impressive, that range is only a true range if it is driven in a certain way. So, if you want to increase the travel range of your mobility scooter, you should do the following.


Drive at a Steady Pace


The speed at which you ride your mobility scooter will have a direct impact on the way in which your battery power is used. If you cruise along at the top speed then the distance that you can travel is going to decrease. So, try reducing the speed that you are travelling at and you will instantly find that the range of your scooter increases.


Consider the Maximum Weight


All mobility scooters have a maximum weight and so, the more weight it carries, the more power it is going to require. Therefore, if you are close to the maximum weight of your mobility scooter then you could consider opting for a new mobility scooter that has a higher weight capacity where possible.


However, there is more to it than this because you can also consider how much you carry on your scooter. Of course, if you need your mobility scooter for shopping then you are going to need to carry your goods home but consider how much you are carrying as that can help to increase battery range.


Avoid Hills    


While this is not completely avoidable, if you can avoid climbing too many hills and seek out a flatter route, it will save on battery power. The steeper the incline, the harder the battery will have to work, which will mean that your batter will run out quicker.


Do You Need Your Lights On?


If you use your lights during the day, then there really is no need to. Try turning them off as they will also draw from the battery and reduce the amount of power that is readily available for you to use towards increasing the range.


Think of the Terrain


While mobility scooters are great for giving you the ability to get about, you will need to consider the terrain. The harder and more demanding the terrain is, the more your mobility scooter is going to have to work and that can result in it requiring more battery power. Driving through long grass or across sand should be avoided where possible.