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Mobility Scooters with a High Weight Capacity


There are many things to consider when choosing a mobility scooter. While many will look at the styling, speed and maybe the range, there are those who need their mobility scooter to have a high weight capacity. Along with this, they are also going to need comfort and practicality not forgetting durability at the same time.

So, the mobility scooters below are ideal for those who are looking for a high weight capacity scooter, that allows them to get around with ease.

Drive Medical Envoy 8

This is a stylish yet practical mobility scooter that certainly does not disappoint. To begin with, this has a high weight capacity of 25 stone or 160kg, making it a great choice for many. It looks great but even with a high weight capacity, it has the ability to cover a range of 22 miles using its 250w motor. With suspension on all four wheels, users will also experience a comfortable ride at the same time.

Kymco Maxi XLS

This mobility scooter offers it all and it is suitable for weights of up to 32 stone. Riding this mobility scooter is a breeze and that is down to the large 12-inch wheels and full suspension, ensuring it can deal with all terrain. It has an impressive range of 35 miles, making it ideal for longer trips. It also has a maximum speed of 8mph, which enables riders to cruise along at a suitable pace.

Pride Colt Pursuit

This is another mobility scooter that is ideal for those who have a need for a high weight capacity. This model can handle a maximum weight of up to 28stone 8lbs or 181kg. Despite being able to take this impressive weight, it still offers a comfortable ride with 13-inch pneumatic wheels and a front and rear suspension. The leather seat with armrests ensures the rider experiences the ultimate in comfort while the state-of-the-art LCD console gives this a modern feel and appearance.

Drive Medical Royale 3

The Drive Medical Royale 3 is an aesthetically pleasing model that has a weight capacity of 29 stone or 185kg. It has a rugged appearance and styling with large 14inch wheels and all round suspension that is designed to withstand a range of terrains. The rotating seat makes getting on and off this mobility scooter exceptionally easy while the 30-mile range makes it ideal for those who like to get out and about.


King Cobra – 32 stone 200kg

The King Cobra is a great mobility scooter that covers it all. It has a maximum weight capacity of 32 stone, which makes it a perfect choice for many. It also comes with a stunning design that incorporates large wheels and all round suspension that can withstand all manner of terrains. It comes with an extended frame for extra leg room and it has an impressive range of 32 miles.

For those who require a mobility scooter with a high weight capacity, there is plenty of choice out there. This means that not only can you find a scooter that is fit for purpose, you can also select from a choice of styles and designs.